It sets my soul on fire to support others find harmony & happiness in their lives.  I have intentionally created the following courses and programs to meet you where you are in your season of life and on your journey and empower you to design, own & live a life in harmony, health and happiness & joy.


How Can I Support You?



To successful integrate all aspects of your life through intentional design and sustainable strategies to create a life in harmony.

Soul Spark Foundations


Customized & Personalized support with Jennie to meet your goals & needs.


1:1 Coaching



Fall in love with you & your life through community.


Soul Spark Community


Unlock a specific block, gain clarity on what is currently showing up in your life.


Clarity Connection


Design, Own & Live It ~ SPARK FOUNDATIONS



Sign up for SPARK Foundations today and start your journey towards achieving your dreams! With SPARK Foundations, you will have access to powerful tools, resources, and guidance to help you align your actions and decisions with your values and the SPARK pillars. You will also learn how to use the 3 P system to navigate life's challenges and accomplish your big audacious goals. Join us and be excited for life!


1:1 Coaching


Whatever your current goal, season of life, or challenge may be, our 1:1 coaching services are tailored to guide you towards lasting harmony and work-life integration. Through personalized strategies and support, we empower you to redefine success on your terms, cultivate meaningful connections, and achieve a state of alignment where productivity thrives without sacrificing well-being.

Connect for Compatibility ~ Schedule your Discovery Call Today!

Connect for Compatibility


Soul Spark Community


Be part of a vibrant and supportive group of real women who are committed to designing, owning, and living life to the fullest on their own terms. Reconnect to yourself and your dreams while honouring the person you are today while taking inspired actions toward who you are becoming. 



The Clarity Catalyst



In our breakthrough sessions, you'll gain crystal-clear clarity, make profound connections with insights and lessons, and be inspired to take purposeful actions. Together, we'll craft a customized plan and strategy for sustainable momentum, propelling you towards your goals and achieving lasting personal growth and fulfillment



Explore Our  Collection:

Books and Journals for Your Soulful Journey



Welcome to our soul-nourishing collection of books and journals designed to enrich your personal growth journey! Delve into a world of inspiration, self-discovery, and empowerment as you explore our diverse selection of titles. From transformative life coaching books to thought-provoking journals, each publication is thoughtfully curated to ignite your inner spark and lead you on a path of purposeful living. Discover the power of intentional goal setting, tap into your passions, and embrace a life filled with meaning and fulfillment. Whether you seek clarity, motivation, or guidance in navigating life's challenges, our collection is here to empower and support you every step of the way. Embark on a soulful adventure and immerse yourself in the wisdom of these transformative reads.


Designing a Life Worth Living Looks Like:

💜 Prioritizing what matters the most.

💜 Intentional Life & Work Integration.

💜 Choosing Harmony over Hustle.

💜 Living in alignment with your values & intentions.

Empowering Your Legacy: Achieve Harmony, Success,
& Lasting Impact.
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